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Water cuts normal for consumers in Fiji

When the Fiji Times visited Dokaisuva, Fiji (Pacific) on 5th February 2005, they found Eroni Koroi and Laisiasa Mataitoga cooling themselves with water from a drum. Other people were filling drums, buckets and containers with water. Residents say they are often without water.

The residents are used to water cuts and have adjusted their lives around abrupt disruptions to supply.

Peni Tawake said they were used to the water problems in their area because it had been happening for years.

"When there is a water cut we are not surprised because it has become a normal thing for us," he said. "We just come out with our containers and drums and hopefully a water truck will come by." He said since water cuts became frequent they had learnt to use water sparingly.

Mr Tawake said he would teach his children to use water wisely and not waste it on things like toys.

"When there is no water we have learned not to fuss about it because we are just tired," he said.

"We always call the Public Works Department and sometimes the Ministry but what use will that bring? Now I have changed the roofing for my home so that when it rains I can get all the rainwater in one drum which we can use for washing," Mr Tawake said.

Rusila Tagimoucia said water shortages were normal and they had learned to live with it. "We don't complain anymore because the Public Works Department truck comes around once we face water difficulties," she said.

Senior water engineer Samuela Tubui said he was unaware of problem but would look into it.

The Small Islands Voice Global Forum wants to hear about your views on water supply: Are water cuts common in your island? And do we need to face water scarcity before we adopt water conservation measures?

Adapted from a newspaper article in the Fiji Times, 7th February 2005

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